Creating an ENGAGING, EFFECTIVE ONLINE COURSE is EASIER with an experienced guide.

STOP GUESSING about how to create an engaging online course, and START creating it!


You WANT to create an impactful, engaging online course but don't know HOW!

You need help getting that knowledge out of your head and into an organized structure so you can start creating your videos, PDF's, and other course assets.

You're not sure what should go in the course and what should be left out for learners to get the intended transformation or result.

You keep stalling because you're not sure you're going to do it right, and you want to make sure you're setting yourself up for success.

You can't get your course online - without a COURSE...

...and you've worked on this alone for long enough.


Streamlined Course Creation

The step by step process and guidance you need to FINALLY get your online course done!

I'd like to introduce you to
Rebecca Cuevas

As an experienced course designer, Rebecca Cuevas has a proven system for creating engaging online courses, and she's generously agreed to offer this course to Brainy Girl's clients and course participants to help you get your course structure nailed down - so that you're ready to get your course ONLINE!

This intensive training combines thousands of hours of practical research, years of experience in course design, and the guidance of a true expert rolled into one easy investment that will pay off LONG after the initial training is finished and your first course is created.

Rebecca holds a BA in English from Harvard University, as well as two Masters Degrees in Education. For fifteen years, she designed and delivered award-winning education programs for public utilities in Southern California, impacting over 150,000 students with hands-on learning experiences. Recipient of multiple Federal scholarships for international study, she brings a creative, multi-cultural perspective to her work in educational consulting, instructional design, and curriculum development.

If you're done struggling through this alone and just need to get over this hurdle in order to get your course out into the world, this is EXACTLY WHAT YOU NEED to jumpstart the process.

This course is endorsed and recommended by Kim Garnett (Brainy Girl) - marketing & tech professional and recognized Thinkific expert.

In this course you will:

  • CLARIFY your high-level vision for your course so that the course you create fulfills your goals.
  • DISCOVER the exact type of learning your course requires to help your learners have the best chance of success.
  • Set up and OPTIMIZE your entire course outline to ensure learner success.
  • PLAN effective lessons that engage your learners
  • WRITE your lesson plans (that you can rinse and repeat for additional courses)
  • SELECT the best media to deliver every aspect of your course
  • TARGET your course to your audience's specific interests and needs so that they stay engaged, complete your course, and become evangelists!


get one year access to all of the course materials so that you can refer back again and again.

What others are saying about Rebecca's training...

“It’s opened up the possibilities of what I can do with my business. It’s made me think differently about what I give people in person, vs how I can reach more people online, and increase my income especially as I get older and near retirement.”

Denise Williams
Professional Organizer

“Rebecca took something that was so hard for me, and made it easy. She broke the entire process down with thorough examples. She helped me see how everything fits together, demystified the technology behind the technique, and helped me realize I can do it!”

Alli Berman
Interactive artist and creator of the PuzzleArt™ Therapy System

“Rebecca’s help and coaching as I’ve struggled to get going in my course creation process has been above and beyond. Her coaching style is friendly and firm, which is what I need. I would absolutely recommend her services.”

Ruthanne Koyama
Supply Management Consultant

There's NEVER been a better time to create your online course.

With the recent pandemic, more people than ever before are creating online courses, and learners are far more comfortable using online courses to learn from home.

Don't get left behind.
It's time to finally get YOUR course out to the world.

Create your course FASTER

Let Rebecca Cuevas, course design expert, guide you through the process.

Get INSTANT ACCESS and start creating your online course TODAY for just $497 USD!


You've got questions...
we've got answers.

How does the course work?

Once you enroll you'll get immediate access to the course. Jump in and get started creating an effective, engaging course that gets your learners the results they expect.

What EXACTLY will I get out of this course?

By the end of this course you'll have a fully fleshed out course outline and structure for engaging online course that gets your students results and will be ready to film your videos, create your PDF's and other assets you'll need for your online course.

What do I need to prepare for this course?

Only the desire to create an incredible online course yourself!

I'm not sure that this is the right course for me. How can I be sure?

If you want to:

  • Structure your content in ways that promote deep learning and real transformation;
  • Know exactly what to put into your course, and what to leave out;
  • Create engaging lessons that build on each other, one step at a time;
  • Use learning design best practices that deliver powerful results;
  • Get step by step guidance as you plan, outline, and structure your course;

then this is the course for you!

If you already have your course structure, outline, and assets (pdf's, quizzes, videos, etc.) and are ready to get it online and into the hands of your buyers, check out the BrainyGirlU Thinkific Bootcamp here.

How long do I get access to the course for?

Once you enroll you'll have access to the course for one full year.

Do you offer refunds?

Unfortunately not - due to your ability to access all supporting material as soon as you enroll. Please ensure that you read this entire page before enrolling.

STOP GUESSING about how to create an engaging online course, and START creating it!

Let Rebecca Cuevas, course design expert, guide you through the process.

Get INSTANT ACCESS to the course now for just $497 USD!