30 Days of CONTENT

With the 30 Days of Content - Guide & Workbook you'll:

  • Learn the secret of WHY PEOPLE BUY from you
  • Understand how creating content will help you SELL MORE COURSES
  • Uncover and FACE YOUR FEARS about being "out there" online
  • Choose the primary content type to INCREASE the likelihood of Google searchers finding you
  • Get 49 different content types so you'll NEVER BE SHORT ON IDEAS
  • PLAN out your next 30 days of content WITH EASE
  • Learn how to create 20, 30 or even 40 pieces of repurposed content for every primary piece of content you create
  • Craft A PLAN FOR SUCCESS with 31 pages of expert guidance for creating content that attracts customers!

INSTANTLY DOWNLOAD so you can start planning your 30 days of content EASILY and QUICKLY!

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30 Days of Content - Guide & Workbook