Say GOODBYE to frustration and overwhelm and HELLO to getting your course online
- in just 2 weeks!


Getting your first course online is ANYTHING but easy.

In fact, it can be downright CONFUSING and OVERWHELMING!

  • You spend hours & hours every week reading articles, blogs, watching videos, attending webinars and live streams - trying to figure out how to get your course online.
  • You’ve tried EVERYTHING the "guru's" have told you to do but you still feel defeated.
  • Just when you think you've got it done you realize there is more to know and do.
  • You know that now is the time, but you’re feeling stuck, overwhelmed and distracted by landing pages, funnels, course material, and all that's involved.
  • You’re so focused on how much there is to do that you're worried you’ll NEVER get your course launched.
  • You just need a real human - actually, a real expert - to help you through when you're stuck.
  • You’re ready for REAL help. You’re tired of wasting time, money, and energy on trying to do this yourself. 

Truth bomb: Your efforts so far haven’t helped you get your course online and selling. 

Maybe they’ve given you some great ideas or things you know you “should” do, but you still don't have your course online.

You don't want to give up altogether but it’s looking like NOTHING will work.

But you know what happens when you FINALLY get your first course online?

  • You wake up every morning EXCITED to check your emails because you've had overnight enrollments.
  • MONEY gets deposited into your bank account, proving to you that this IS a viable way to make a living (or some extra $$).
  • You get to IMPACT others.
  • You get to to LIVE YOUR PASSION.
  • You have the KNOWLEDGE and the PROCESS you need to create MORE courses, if you want to, giving even more value to your students and creating your legacy.
  • You finally FEEL SUCCESSFUL with this "tech stuff" having conquered your fears and seeing this through to the end.
  • You have more energy to pour into you, your family, your hobbies, YOUR that you’re not STRESSING about how the heck you're going to get this course launched.

DON'T struggle through this on your own.

Get the help and guidance of an EXPERIENCED THINKIFIC EXPERT for a fraction of the cost of hiring someone to do it for you.


Thinkific Bootcamp

Start enrolling students in just 2 weeks - with the guidance of a Thinkific Expert.

What is the
BrainyGirlU Thinkific Bootcamp?


Hi, I'm Kim
(better known as
Brainy Girl)

and I help novice course creators get their courses online and into the hands of their buyers.

With 20 years in digital marketing & technology, I jumped on the online course bandwagon very early  and I've helped thousands of novices get their courses online since then.

I know the challenges you face with finding the information you need, figuring out how to implement it in your own business, feeling overwhelmed by technology, and not wanting to be a sleazy salesperson. I get it!

That's exactly why I created my own suite of online courses, workshops, Bootcamps, and training for novice course creators.

I've launched 40 courses and 3 membership sites of my own, and having an online education business has allowed me flexibility, additional revenue, and the ability to touch lives worldwide BUT it didn't happen overnight.

I want to help you through this part of your journey, so that you don't wind up in tears and give up... leaving your dreams behind.

I'm not going to tell you it'll be easy, but it will be easier with an expert guide by your side.

kim garnett thinkific expert

The BrainyGirlU Thinkific Bootcamp isn't a "course" - it is a series of guided daily tasks combined with TWICE DAILY LIVE Q&A's.

Taught by one of Thinkific's original experts - Kim Garnett, this blended program guides you through each step of the process.

How does it work?

By the end of this Bootcamp you'll have a live Thinkific site and a published course, ready for enrollments!


As soon as you join you'll get access to the templates and worksheets that you'll need to complete prior to the first day of the Bootcamp.

These templates and worksheets will help you gather the information you'll need to have at your fingertips when the Bootcamp starts - and will make the process EASY!

You'll also need to have your course curriculum / course materials (videos, pdfs, quizzes, etc.) ready to go by the time Bootcamp starts so that you can focus on site set up during Bootcamp (this is the kick-in-the-pants you need to finally DO THIS!).


On the first "official" day of Bootcamp we'll gather (virtually) for a live Q&A session dedicated to answering your questions about the Bootcamp, or about the pre-Bootcamp worksheets & templates before we get started, and to celebrate the start of the journey! Oh - and you can join our private popup Facebook group to meet others on the same journey.

You'll also be submitting your sales page copy (which you create using our Sales Page template) for review and suggestions from our team.

DAY 2-12

Each day, during the Bootcamp, you'll be given tasks to complete along with detailed instructions for completing them. Some of the task instructions will be written, some will be video tutorials. These tasks should take under 1 hour per day to complete.

You also have the opportunity to join either of the live Q&A's on these days - yes, TWO DAILY LIVE Q&A'S! These will run at 9am Pacific and 4pm Pacific daily. You can click here to see what times those are in your time zone.

During the Bootcamp you'll be:

  • Setting up your entire Thinkific site PROPERLY (so that you're not trying to frantically troubleshoot after you launch)
  • Designing your Home page and Course Sales page using our templates (hello high converting landing pages!)
  • Creating a custom after-purchase page using our template (to properly welcome your students into your course or program)
  • Creating a branded Thinkific site (to reflect your business or personal brand)
  • Adding a Privacy Policy and Terms of Use using our templates (necessary if you're going to be running paid ads and for most payment gateways)
  • Integrating Stripe and/or Paypal (so you can get the $$ deposited into your account!)
  • Integrating your email marketing service provider (if you're using one)
  • Setting up your course enrollment and course completion emails
  • Creating your course completion certificate
  • Uploading your course on the Thinkific platform

DAY 13

On Day 13 you'll be publishing your course, testing the enrollment process, confirming that everything is working as it should be, and connecting to your own website (if you have one). THIS IS A HUGE MILESTONE!

DAY 14

Woo hoo! On the last day of the Bootcamp we'll be gathering for a virtual celebration, and you'll be submitting your site to be showcased on the Bootcamp Stars page on with a link to your Thinkific site!


Once you've got your course published and your Thinkific site live, you'll get access to resources to help you grow your email list, get in front of your audience, and sell your course. You'll have access to these for 6 months after the Bootcamp ends.

"Thank you for over-delivering on your workmanship of our project. Tonya and I cannot be happier with what you have done. You are truly an online LMS Rockstar!"

- Todd Sakowicz, Newborn Care Solutions

"SO ABSOLUTELY STOKED ABOUT MY LEARNING PLATFORM!! ​I am 6 days into my enrollment launch and I have already reached 3X what my conversion was in my previous launch."

- Mariette Martinez, Master Your Books


in the next Bootcamp

Whether you're an experienced educator or a complete novice, the BrainyGirlU Thinkific Bootcamp will save you energy, time, and frustration.

BrainyGirlU Thinkific Bootcamp

  • Pre-bootcamp worksheets and tutorials to help you write your course sales page copy, home page copy, and prepare for the Bootcamp
  • Sales page review and suggestions from our experienced team
  • 14 days of daily tasks with step by step instructions to set up your Thinkific site and course - PROPERLY
  • Twice DAILY live stream Q&A's to get your questions answered - when you have them
  • Guidance and support from one of Thinkific's original Experts
  • A fully functioning, high-converting e-learning site so you're ready to enroll learners!
  • Additional resources to help you market your course once it's published
  • BONUS: Access to the private popup Facebook group for Bootcamp participants
  • Accountability, expert guidance and support. The winning combo to finally get your course online!

ALL OF THIS for just 1 payment of $599 USD
a fraction of the cost our clients pay us to set up their site for them!

The next Bootcamp starts on January 25, 2021



"Just when you're ready to smash something - Brainy Girl to the Rescue!

I was hitting places where I was unsure, inexperienced, baffled even.

Kim’s expertise from how a video should sound and look, to its needed length, to branding, images, finessing terms and conditions and privacy settings and EVERYTHING was a dream come true.

I’m extremely busy like the rest of you, so if you want to save time and feel more sure about certain aspects of your new course and site, I can’t recommend Kim highly enough.

- Dr. Jennifer Fraser, Exit Bullying

"I am not the most computer savvy person and when it came to setting up my courses online I thought it was going to be a whole lot easier than it was. With the help (and patience) of Kim at Brainy Girl I managed to get my course content online and selling fast!! I highly recommend this course and the services Kim at Brainy Girl has to offer. Thanks Kim!"

- Cori Coutts, MyCORCompliance

We've got A's for your Q's

How do I know if this Bootcamp is right for me?

This Bootcamp is PERFECT for you if...

  • Your course materials are done, or almost done.
  • You've been struggling to get your course online.
  • You're frustrated with using the Thinkific platform and need step by step instructions and hand-holding.
  • You want to be confident, when you launch, that everything is working as it should be.
  • You want access to an expert as you get your course online.
  • You can commit to 14 days in order to launch your course.  

I'm not a copywriter. How am I supposed to write my own sales page copy?

Having a copywriter write 1 page of good sales copy will cost you around $3,000 - and most course creators can't afford that when they're getting started, so we provide you with a Sales Page Builder worksheet which gives you formulas and examples for each section of a sales page to help you write copy that converts! We use the same worksheet with our clients and they're able to write their own sales copy (even though they're not copywriters). You also have the opportunity to submit that worksheet, once completed, to the Brainy Girl team and we'll review it and make suggestions for improvement.  

I'm not a designer. How am I supposed to create well-designed landing pages?

You'll be designing 3 landing pages for your Thinkific site during the Bootcamp - the Home page (of your Thinkific site), the Course Sales page, and the post-purchase page. We'll give you resources for finding the right images, guidelines for imagery, and even show you how to easily resize those images as well as where they should be placed on those pages! Towards the end of the Bootcamp you can submit your pages to our team for review and suggestions.  

I have multiple courses / a membership or I want to sell to organizations.

Great, but one thing at a time. It's important to have your Thinkific site set up properly first. Participating in this Bootcamp will ensure that your site is set up properly and your first course is online. After that you can focus on selling to organizations (you'll still need a course set up to sell to them), adding additional courses, or creating a membership model (a 'bundle' of courses).  

What's the time commitment for the Bootcamp?

PRE-BOOTCAMP: Allow for approx. 10 hours to complete the pre-Bootcamp templates and worksheets. You'll also need to have your course materials and assets complete prior to Bootcamp starting.

DURING BOOTCAMP: For the 14 days of Bootcamp you should allow for 1 hour per day (on average) to work on your daily tasks. There will also be 2 live virtual Q&A's per day that you may wish to join in on (one or both) so you'll want to allow time for those as well.  

Will I get 1:1 help?

This is a group Bootcamp so you won't get 1:1 help HOWEVER you can join one, or both, of the daily live stream Q&A's so that you can ask your question(s) and get the answers you need to keep moving forward. You also get to submit your course sales page copy for review and suggestions.  

Can I get a refund if the Bootcamp is not right for me?

No, we don't offer refunds as you get access to all pre-Bootcamp templates and worksheets when you save your spot, so please ensure you've read all of the information on this page before you enroll.
If you can't make the Bootcamp you've signed up for you can get in touch with us at least 7 business days in advance of the first day of the Bootcamp and we'll enroll you in the next scheduled Bootcamp instead.

How many other people will there be in this Bootcamp?

We have a maximum of 30 people in each of our Bootcamps.  

What if these dates don't work for me?

We run multiple Bootcamps each year. If the dates of this one don't work for you click here to be the first to know when we launch additional Bootcamps.

Does my location matter?

Absolutely not! You can join from anywhere. We have 2 x live stream Q&A's daily (9am and 4pm Pacific) so you can join either one, or both.  

I have another question not listed here.

No problem! Just click here to send us an email with your specific question. Please ensure you've read all of the information on this page prior to emailing to be sure that your question hasn't been addressed on this page.  

What others are saying...

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

"I heard that Kim is the best. After speaking with her, it only took me a few seconds to realize she is indeed THE best.

She knows her stuff. She is the ‘go to’ person."

David R. Cook
Sales Expert/Founder, DRC

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

"After months of planning, recording, beta testing, revising, and fine-tuning, I am delighted that my first online course has now launched.

I couldn’t have done it without Brainy Girl. If you’re just getting started, I cannot overstate how helpful it is to have help from someone with Thinkific experience. And when that person is also a patient teacher with a deep well of technical knowledge and experience, the support is invaluable."

Nancy Lewis Tuten
Owner/Founder, Get It Write Online

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

"Kim, you have helped bring to fruition years of hard work. I have gotten such accolades.

I am on my way to success, thanks to Kim."

Dr. Dorothea Atkins
Owner/Founder, Holos Touch

Get the EXPERTISE, GUIDANCE and SUPPORT to finally launch your online course.

BrainyGirlU Thinkific Bootcamp

  • Pre-bootcamp worksheets and tutorials to help you write your course sales page copy, home page copy, and prepare for the Bootcamp
  • 14 days of daily tasks with step by step instructions to set up your Thinkific site and course - PROPERLY
  • Twice DAILY live stream Q&A's to get your questions answered - when you have them
  • Guidance and support from one of Thinkific's original Experts
  • A fully functioning, high-converting e-learning site so you're ready to enroll learners!
  • Additional resources to help you market your course once it's published
  • BIG BONUS: Access to the private popup Facebook group for Bootcamp participants

ALL OF THIS for just 1 payment of $599 USD